Coaching any sport can be an extremely rewarding experience but it also can be one of the most challenging. It is important that all Softball Napanee coaches understand the expectations placed on them when they agree to coach one of our teams.

The expectations listed below are all guided by the underlying principle that coaches are to ensure to the best of their ability that all players on their team have a positive experience.



Not all coaching positions have the same expectations. For example there is a difference between what is expected of a head coach versus an assistant but there are a standard set of expectations for all coaches within Softball Napanee. These are as follows:

  • Ensure a positive and safe environment for all athletes.
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and sportsmanship at all times.
  • A coach is a leader, role model and a representative of Softball Napanee. The actions of a coach in how they behave, how they communicate and how they treat others must be done with the highest levels of respect and dignity towards all. It is important for all coaches to understand that a coach can be one of the most influential role models in an athlete's life. It is vital that all coaches project a positive role model for all players.
  • Learn, understand and abide by the rules/regulations of Softball Napanee and our governing bodies: Softball Canada, OASA and PWSA.
  • Foster positive relationships with players, parents, other coaches, officials, league convenors and opponents.
  • Work with other coaches/members of Softball Napanee to implement the vision of the organization.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that they have the appropriate certification to coach at their particular age group, proof must be provided to Softball Napanee.



In addition to the above, all head coaches are also expected to:

  • Lead the team in terms of setting goals, priorities and the overall schedule.
  • Work with and include parents in developing and implementing the overall schedule and logistics for the season. This may include but not limited to:
    • Hotel arrangements
    • Fundraising
    • Fee collection
    • Softball Napanee Tournament volunteer commitments.
    • Tournament scheduling
    • League Scheduling
    • Exhibition game scheduling
  • Develop a comprehensive season development plan. Where do you want the team and individual players by the end of the season in terms of skill development?
  • Work with Assistant Coaches to identify their roles and responsibilities.
  • Review the season plan with the athletes and parents and be willing to accept feedback
  • Be accountable for all playing time and ensure fairness.
  • Confirm Assistant Coaches at the conclusion of tryouts. All Assistant Coaches must be approved by Softball Napanee.



In addition to the expectations of all coaches, assistant coaches also have additional expectations:

  • Work with and support the Head Coach to the best of your abilities
  • Fulfill your role and responsibilities as determined with the Head Coach
  • Be prepared to step in for the Head Coach when required
  • Provide ideas and feedback to the Head Coach with the understanding that the Head Coach has the final say related to all softball decisions for the team.
  • Help players and parents understand the Head Coach’s vision and work with both sides to come to a common understanding if issues arise.



Softball Napanee is now accepting Head Coach applications for the following teams:



U9 Girls

U11 Girls

U13 Girls

U15 Girls

U17 Girls

U19 Women

Deadline to apply is September 2 for all Female teams.



U9 Boys

U11 Boys

U13 Boys

U15 Boys

U17 Boys

U20 Men


Deadline to apply for all Male teams is October 1.

To apply for a Head Coach position please complete the form below: