Duck Race Results

Announcing the Winners of  SOFTBALL NAPANEE’S
Duck Express on the Napanee River
July 1, 2017

1st  $1500, Tracy French,  Belleville
2nd $750, Jessica Tyner, Selby
3rd $500, Rodney Myers, Newburgh
4th $25, Karen Li, Bath
5th $25, Cory Thompson, Roblin
6th $25, Amy Ballance, Yarker
7th $25, Brandon Ketcheson, Napanee
8th $25, Frank Hartwick, Napanee
9th $25, Tiffany Flear, Sydenham
10th $25, Kelly Savage, Amherstview
11th $25, Pat Sutton, Napanee
12th $25, Sloane Putnam, Sharbot Lake
13th $25 , Seth Duchene, Napanee

Special thanks for helping to make this event a success!

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